Marx as a Migrant – A digital narrative

Karl Marx lived a long life as a migrant. Fleeing from the Prussian state, censorship and possible arrest, important stops on his journey were Paris, Brussels and London. These cities shaped his political activities, his engagement with political fellow-travellers, as well as his intellectual development and thus his entire work.

At the click of a mouse, you can follow Marx as a migrant from city to city. You can not only immerse yourself in his time, but also discover that even today, traces of his life and work continue to be seen in Paris, Brussels and London.

Each station takes about 45 minutes.


Marx as a Migrant

  • London
  • The Raging Year

Karl Marx in a letter to Friedrich Engels, 23 August 1849

“I am being banished to the Morbihan département, the Pontine marshes of Brittany. I need hardly say that I shall not consent to this veiled attempt on my life. So I am leaving France. They won’t give me a passport for Switzerland, hence I must go to London, and that tomorrow. (…) Besides, in London there is a positive prospect of my being able to start a German newspaper. (…) So you must leave for London at once. (…) In London we shall get down to business.”